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Computationally designed nations.

Founded by Alfons Hooikaas and Tim Gambell, Emblemmatic uses computational techniques to explore symbols and their meanings. Emblemmatic has currently 3 running research projects. In Atlas Of Potential Nations we source and create a dataset containing the national symbols from every nation in the world: Name, Nations Heraldry, Passport designs, Flags, National Anthems, Maps, A history etc. All of these symbols fall within a specific set of semiotic rules. For example flags are built out of specific building blocks: bars in a certain direction, a specific set in colours, abstract shapes and sometimes a symbol. We use linguistic algorithms to analyse these building blocks in the existing national symbols on which we base new combinations of elements that form national symbols. Atlas of Potential Nations platform (1.1.16).

Atlas of Potential Nations mark

Generated Nation's flag

Computationally designed nations' names

Computationally designed national flags

Senesia, computationally designed countryname

Senesia, computationally designed flag

Tuvakistan, computationally designed countryname

Tuvakistan, computationally designed flag

Holy and Mada, computationally designed countryname

Holy and Mada, computationally designed flag

Para Nevis, computationally designed countryname

Para Nevis, computationally designed flag