Every Earthly Power seeks its symbols in the same cosmos
Galaxy of flags.

Every earthly power seeks its symbols in the same cosmos.

"There is something curious about the national flags of the planet Earth. The flag of the United States has fifty stars; the Soviet Union and Israel, one each; […] Many Islamic countries display crescent moons. Almost half of our national flags exhibit astronomical symbols. The phenomenon is transcultural, non-sectarian, worldwide. […] We seek a connection with the Cosmos. We want to count in the grand scale of things." – Carl Sagan. This piece uses the cosmos symbols from flags and relocates them back into the cosmos forming a new galaxy. 2 figures are waving the white flag of surrendering to the grand scale of things.

Symbolic logic researches symbols and replaces them to their original context or usage. Symbolic logic has currently 3 running projects.


Source material: flags