De Appel CTP Bijlmer Nites

De Appel CTP The Go-Between poster

Gapping low and high culture.

The Go–Between is a program of exhibitions and lectures initiated by the members of De Appel arts center Curatorial Training Program (CTP). The epicentre of the program is situated in 'De Bijlmer', a traditionally seemingly 'dodgy' area the every day art-lover does not visit on a Sunday afternoon. 'The Go-Between' aims to bridge the gap between high- and low culture. Hence the name thought up by the CTP-team. The visual identity is based on the visual language for the CTP. A white outlined visual language metaphors the blank slate as well as the high culture white-cube visual language of galleries and musea. This strong visual language created the opportunity to load the brand with an infinite amount of symbols from both high-and low culture. Communication, editorial strategies and campaigns are geared toward emphasising the gap between the high-culture Amsterdam city center and the low-culture Bijlmer area.

Made for De Appel Curatorial Training Program in collaboration with Adriaan Mellegers. See also Bijlmer Nites and CTP brand. The work has been published in multiple exhibitions including Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme, Stip 2010 en kunst nu, Central Museum Utrecht.

De Appel CTP The Go-Between mark

Bijlmer Nites: I Will Survive

Bijlmer Nites: Just Around The Block

Bijlmer Nites: How to make art on a desert island?

Bijlmer Nites: The Unforseen

Bijlmer Nites: Salon

Bijlmer Nites: Closing Party

Bijlmer Nites: Coloring book

Bijlmer Nites: Coloring book

Bijlmer Nites: Coloring book