The Future Curatorial What Not

The mark

Varying voices.

The Future Curatorial What Not and Study What? Conundrum was a three-day symposium on the future of curatorial practice held at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. The Future Curatorial investigated the contemporary conundrum of curating, given the term’s rapid recent popularity and dispersion across culture, in an attempt to point the way toward new models and strategies. Articulated through signage, print media, and motion graphics, the identity for the symposium expresses the diversity and range of its participants through a multitude of typographic voices, teetering between cacophony and harmony.

Made while directing a team for Project Projects in collaboration with principal Prem Krishnamurthy for CSS Bard (NY) in collaboration with Valant Art Academy, University of Gothenburg, Afterall Books, Saint Martins, University of Art London, de Appel Arts Center.

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