Seattle Art Fair

Seattle art fair entrance

Art-lovers & Fair-lovers.

The mission of the Seattle art fair is to appeal to both global art-lovers and local fair-lovers. As a result the fair features world-class art merged with regional entertainment and food. Photography displays an annual theme as seen through the eyes of both audiences. The the iconic monogram S creates a recognisable identity for the Seattle Art Fair that dynamically juxtaposes art-activities and fair-activities by annual themed photography and its color-palette.

Made while directing a team for Project Projects in collaboration with principal Prem Krishnamurthy for Seattle Art Fair. The Seattle Art Fair team consisted of Ben Duvall, Marco Land, Ly Thanh Le, Ghazaal Vojdani.

Seattle art fair basic mark

Seattle art fair split-mark; art & fair

Seattle art fair split posters

Seattle art fair color use in the coming years

Seattle art fair split posters; art & fair

Seattle art fair