Deep healing series
Candy in the identity store.

Through hyper-use of social media our identity becomes what we display. Everybody is displaying all activities they do. We know we can or should do all of these possible activities to promote our personal brand and stay in the race. These mechanics can render us tired and nihilistic though. Why do anything when everything is as meaningless as the other? Or should we just celebrate meaninglessness and enjoy maximum-ness? Why not try and identify ourselves with everything? “Do it” is a proposal to celebrate indulgent over-identification through displaying identity as candy in the identity store.

Alfons Hooikaas for Superplex Pictures and Phonat, Owsla records.

Do it; Flowers

Do it; Teddy

Do it, Teddy Fur

Do it; Fur

Do it; Diamonds

Do it; Golden halo

Do it; Gold