Barbie’s Magic Bag.

The first Barbie originated in 1959 as a doll through which a girl could live out anything she wants to be. Barbie wore a black and white zebra striped swimsuit, created by Mattel fashion designer Charlotte Johnson. With her hair sculpted in her signature topknot ponytail, Barbie represented a feminine “Teen-age Fashion Model”.

Over the years, Barbie grew up through many fashionable stages. In 2017 the collaboration between Barbie and PLAYNOMORE interprets Barbies femininity. The fashion brand from Korea is all about having fun with fashion. PLAYNOMORE injects an immersive collection of Bijoux into Barbie’s life through special tailored bags. The Barbie X PLAYNOMORE collaboration is accompanied by animations and graphics created by Studio Alfons Hooikaas displaying a cat-walking Barbie carrying a magic bag. The bag releases colourful bijoux metamorphosing into a continuous range of Barbie outfits.

The videos are 3d collages, combining 3dimensional qualities of the walking barbie doll with the flat characteristics of the PLAYNOMORE symbols. The Barbie doll acts as an activator for different collaged transformations resulting in a magical and colourful array of dreamy beauty. The walking 3d Barbie-doll from multiple angles walks through many outfit transformations accompanied by changing hair styles, shoes and bags. Barbie transforms her total environment.

For Barbie and PLAYNOMORE.